TechBrite prides itself on using the highest quality material in our manufacturing and assembly processes. We realize that lighting is a long-term investment that will be displayed for years and years. Some competitors cut corners but when there’s a decision of quality versus cost – TechBrite always chooses quality. We hope you do as well! 

Here are just a few examples: 

Reflectors are integral to the efficiency, aesthetic and performance of a fixture and retro-kit. TechBrite chooses to use MIRO® as the standard reflector material. Many competitors claim to use MIRO® while purchasing inferior material. They hide the true identity of the material by calling the reflector material things like “silver”, “metallic”, “specular.” TechBrite realizes that MIRO® has a total luminous reflectance of 95%. This translates to a 20% higher operating efficiency for lighting systems using the MIRO® reflectors. Accept nothing less than MIRO®. 

Luminaire Disconnect 
Each TechBrite fixtures feature a high quality luminaire disconnects. While there are many options in the market, TechBrite chooses to use the WAGO disconnect for their many features and safety characteristics. WAGO’s luminaire disconnect utilize color coded ends for accurate circuit wiring, a locking latch to prevent the connecter from separating, copper (not brass) material for best electrical integrity. For ease of installation, safety and performance, TechBrite chooses to use the WAGO product. 

UL Listed
Each fixture and kit is stamped with the UL Mark. Our UL luminaire ensure that our products meet the appropriate standards for safety and compliance. UL representatives routinely visit TechBrite’s manufacturing facilities to verify our luminaries are being built in accordance with the UL requirements. TechBrite customer’s should feel confident that the luminaires manufactured by TechBrite are safe and meet or exceed industry standards. 

TechBrite chooses only name brand, reputable ballast manufacturers. Companies such as GE, Sylvania, Advance/Philips, and Universal stand behind the product and offer warranties ensuring the end-user is protected in the unlikely event of a ballast or lamp failure resulting from manufacture’s defects or workmanship. Some competitors look for the lowest price manufacturers. TechBrite employs only those manufacturers who wish to be partners when issues arise.